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If not to pay in time for an apartment, according to the Latvian law, the owner has the rite to move the person to the street. On the picture: one, who has left without any place to live and sleeps under the open sky.


The names of streets, such as of Karl Marx, Fridrih Engels, of Revolution have disappeared from the map of Riga city. However, the Street of Johar Dudayev appeared. In fact, there live mostly Russians.

The crossroads of Str. Brivibas (former of Lenin) and Str. Miera.

"Searching for inside Mickey Mouse"

What about of coming to Jurmala? Mayori. The central street has the name Yomas. Everything is full with nostalgia. In the center of the street the seats from electro-train - those themselves. Here on every step - small open cafes. The music is heard, as well as Russian one. This is a foot- street, it is accepted to pass it slowly. Passing by the street painter, I faced the beautiful woman’s bust. A brave girl. “ a portrait with naked bust”, maybe so can be named the picture. I suppose, she came to see the competition “The new wave”, I did not take a picture of her, because the boy who was sitting next to the girl, with a big gold chain and shaven head, won’t approve it by all means

In Jurmala the rest is as good as earlier. Even better. What is better? Well, everything became clearer, more comfortable, everything tends to bring your desires into life (if one has money, of course). No home problems, as: where to eat, go to the toilet, and so on. On the beach one can drink coffee, beer. The Latvian language is not obligatory to know. A lot of tourists from Russia, Israel, Great Britain.

          What I respect especially is to bike along the beach. About 15 km. But to come back better along Jurmala, I mean, not along the beach, but on bike paths and streets. Hear one should look at the direction of the wind. According to the wind - better along the beach, and opposite it - behind the dunes. If one does not have his or her own bike, one can rent. Hear, on the beach one can agree at 2 USD per hour, which is a bit expensive

Would you like to buy a house in Jurmala? “New”, in 100 m from the sea. In general, there are a lot of houses that are sold, as well as the ground, if one wants to build. However, if you do not have at least 100 000 USD, so you need not even worry about it.

Inscription on the poster: “For sale”

June - July 2002


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