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At First, Some History

Russians, serving in the Latvian army, were ready to defend Fatherland and Freedom with the weapon in hands. However such order has not followed.

Photo from a family album. My grandfather Illarion was a soldier of the Latvian Army.

On July 21, 1940, the Latvian Parlament  under the leadership of professor Augusts Kirhenshteins proclamed Latvia a socialist republic 

Inscription on the poster in Latvian: "We ask to annex Latvia to the Soviet Union! "

Inscription on the poster in Latvian: " Long live the Soviet Latvia, as the 14-th Soviet Republic! "

On November 7. Demonstration of workers. The voice of the announcer is audible from a loud-speaker: (“Long live the Soviet Latvia! Ura”) "U-r-r-rа! " - the mass crowd picks up ....

The statue of V.I. Lenin. Architect E. Shtalbergs

Lenin presented the independence to the Latvian people for the services of the Red Latvian Riflemen, which were personal Lenin’s Guards (approximately as the modern security service of the President). Under his Decree the State of Latvia was founded. You would see freedom! This place today.

Memorial and monument to the Latvian Red Riflemen. Sculptor V. Albergs, the Latvian SSR Honoured Art Worker, architects D. Driba and G. Lusis-Grinbergs. In 1972 the authors of the Memorial were awarded the USSR State Prize

Recently I was near a monument. The inscription "The Latvian Red Riflemen " has disappeared (!). Instead of it a new inscription has been made on a pedestal: "The Latvian Riflemen ". The word "Red" was “lost" somewhere …


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