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Patties with salted pork fat

35 g of a wheaten flour, 2 g of sugar, 16 ml of milk, 0.3 g of salt, 2 g of yeast, 5 g of table margarine; for stuffing: 25 g of bacon (fat), 5 g of bulb onion, 0.5 g of sugar, 0.02 g of pepper, 1 twentieth part of an egg.

Buy ready fermented dough. For stuffing to clean the bacon from the skin, to cut fine small cubes, to fry with onion (fry the bacon only up to transparency to not allow the fat to be melted), to cool, to add sprinkling pepper, sugar. Grease with an egg small patties, cut in the form of a half moon by usual way, and bake.

Nettle soup with sausage

1.5 l of broth or water, 2 soup spoons of pearl-barley, 4 smoked sausages, 300 g of young nettle, 1 bulb, 4 soup spoons of oil, 4 soup spoons of sour cream, greengrocery.

Wash out the nettle, fill with boiling water, cast away on a cullender, wipe through a screen. Wash out the pearl-barley, fill with broth or water and put to cook. Cut finely and brown the onion and when the pearl-barley reach up to half-readiness put the onion into a casserole together with the prepared nettle, continue cooking. Salt on taste. Wash up and cut the smoked sausages lengthways on two parts, put them into the soup (big sausage should be cut into slices or straw). Put finely cut green onion, dill, parsley into ready soup. Add a spoon of sour cream in each plate.

Snack of the Latvian fisherman

1 piece of alive sprat

It is served to schnapps (vodka). Take the fish by the tail and put in the mouth. Do not remove the head and entrails.



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